The Essential Fat Grip Adapter for Hardcore Bodybuilders

Fat Grip Adapter

I have to admit, I have only been exposed to fat grip adapters for the past couple of months but in my opinion no bodybuilder should ever be without a pair. 

The growth in my forearms and developing a vise-like grip are just some of the benefits...Read More »

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How Much Body Fat Do I Have To Lose?

Calculate How Much Body Fat To Lose


If your goal is lose weight, get ready for a competition, or simply look better there are many ways both healthy and unhealthy to go about achieving your goal.

Two of the most common ways which are not only unhealthy but also unsustainable...Read More »

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Top 20 Anti Inflammatory Foods

Anti Inflammatory Foods

Did you know working out can increase free radical production and inflammation in your body?

After those grueling workouts I’m sure you’ve experienced the pain, swollen achy joints and tender muscles afterwards.

Let’s face it we all love to push ourselves and break those pain barriers during a workout....Read More »

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Cutting Andro Kit: The Legal and Safer Alternative For Getting Shredded

Cutting Andro Kit

We all know that getting ripped requires intense training, an increase in cardio, along with an effective diet plan. But let’s face it; diet and exercise alone are not the only things many bodybuilders use to get that shredded, dry, hard look you see onstage.

Aside from...Read More »

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From a 1085 lb Powerlifting Squat to Being a Power Giver: Pro Jayson McNett Revealed

Interview with Pro Powerlifter Jayson McNett

Pro Powerlifter, Jayson McNett, squatted 1,085 pounds at this year’s Arnold Classic competing alongside the best lifters in the world.

Recently, I had the honor to interview Jayson about his powerlifting career and what the future holds for this inspiring and driven champion.

Bodybuilding Blogger:...Read More »

From Gymnastics To Figure Competitions: New WBFF Pro Alina Andrews

WBFF Pro Alina Andrews Interview

New WBFF Pro Alina Andrews has been involved in sports her entire life, with her talents first taking her to acrobatics.  At an early age she represented her country in the national team, later went on to winning Miss Galaxy Universe, to turning pro in the...Read More »

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New Bodybuilding Movie Sets the Stage for a New Era

Ask any bodybuilder if they have seen “Pumping Iron” and their response will probably be “Who hasn’t?”

I remember I was a teenager the first time I saw the film and it was truly one of the reasons I got started in bodybuilding in the first place.

Back in 1977,...Read More »

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