WBFF Pro League

In this section you will learn about the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (WBFF), one of the premier sports federations in the bodybuilding, health and fitness industry. wbff pro

The WBFF’s mission is to give athletes a venue in which they can compete, and be treated with the utmost professionalism. They believe the key strategic influence is to promote health and fitness in a rapidly growing industry.

Their target market is a health and fitness conscious individual who wants to embark on or develop a professional career within the health and fitness industry. Ultimately the WBFF seeks to raise a standard in bodybuilding, fitness, and modeling, and give athletes an unlimited opportunity.

The WBFF holds competition in the following six competitive sports: men’s bodybuilding, female figure model, men’s fitness model, female fitness model, men’s muscle model, and female bikini model.

You will find interview and profiles of WBFF Pros, contest coverage, and results for all the latest events being held by the WBFF.

So whether you are an amateur, advanced or pro bodybuilder or fitness competitor; get the latest on the WBFF Shows here and find out about today’s WBFF pro athletes and how they keep their physiques in top condition all year round.

World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation

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World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Inc.
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Email: info@wbffshows.com
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