New Bodybuilding Movie Sets the Stage for a New Era

Ask any bodybuilder if they have seen “Pumping Iron” and their response will probably be “Who hasn’t?”

I remember I was a teenager the first time I saw the film and it was truly one of the reasons I got started in bodybuilding in the first place. bodybuilding movie

Back in 1977, this independent documentary introduced the world of bodybuilding and became a huge box office hit creating an international sensation.

It launched one man’s multimillion dollar career, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and changed the sport of bodybuilding forever.

Now after many, many years the producer of Pumping Iron examines the sport of bodybuilding today giving us front row access into the lives of some of our favorite bodybuilders as they compete for the Mr. Olympia title in the film titled ‘Generation Iron’.

Vlad Yudin, director and co-producer says “There hasn’t been a film dedicated to an in-depth and honest look at the sport of bodybuilding since Pumping Iron, and a lot of things have changed since the ’70s.”

With one on one interviews and an in depth look into the lives of legends such as Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf, Ben Pakulski, Hidetada Yamagishi and Roelly Winklaar, it will be a film no bodybuilder will want to miss!

“The goal of the film is not just to show the grueling training but the individual sacrifice and immense character these athletes have. With the release of this film, I’m hoping to give these guys a platform to express themselves further to an audience that at times might misunderstand who they are and what they represent” said Yudin.

Here is a short trailer into the film scheduled for release in September 2013!

By the way if you haven’t heard Mickey Rourke just signed on to narrate the documentary film. His most recent film was in the hit movie ‘Expendables’ with Sylvester Stallone. Love that movie!

So in a few short months get ready to watch a groundbreaking documentary that is definitely going to help take bodybuilding to even greater heights.

Bodybuilding has needed a film like this for a long time and it’s awesome to see American Media Inc. and the Vladar Company pay tribute to a sport and lifestyle we all love.

Until next time!

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