A Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout Exercise that Builds Melon Sized Delts

Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout


No body-part shows the image of strength and size as the shoulders do. Big muscular and striated shoulders stick out and give a huge impression both on and offstage. bodybuilding shoulder workout

By making your shoulders appear wider, your waist and hips appear smaller. This is especially important in achieving a symmetrical physique with that V-tapered look.

For bodybuilding it’s all about balance and building for symmetry and proportion. So when it comes to shoulders you must work all three parts – the front deltoid, middle/outer deltoid and rear deltoid.

A specific bodybuilding shoulder workout exercise that works fantastic at building up the middle/outer deltoids is the dumbbell lateral raise.

The dumbbell lateral raise is an isolated exercise for your side shoulder muscles and it can be done in a variety of ways but this particular method shown in this video shows a superset of behind the neck press with a seated side dumbbell lateral raise.bodybuilding shoulder workout

To do the seated lateral raise keep your arms at your side and hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms turned toward your body.  Keep your arms slightly bent and lift the weights out and up to your side at the same time until they are slightly higher than shoulder level.  Then slowly lower them back down to your side again.

Keep your palms turned downward as you lift the dumbbells so that your shoulders rather than your biceps do the work.  Make sure you are lifting the dumbbells up rather than swinging them up.  Don’t lean forward while doing this either or you risk injury to your back.

Here is a video of IFBB Pro Jerry Ossi doing this powerful exercise:

Assuming you’re training for size, you probably want to keep your repetitions high – three sets+ of 8-10 reps should do the trick.

Stay posted as we will be covering many different exercises and techniques to help you build those melon sized delts. You may also want to check out our recent post on how to do a dumbbell lateral raise into a drop set with IFBB Pro Missy Farrell.

Remember, your body quickly adapts to workouts so it’s important to continually change the type of bodybuilding shoulder workouts you do on a regular basis.

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