Motivational Bodybuilding

In this section you will find all the bodybuilding motivation you need in one convenient location. As a bodybuilding motivationaldedicated bodybuilder and athlete, we are always looking to get on our A-Game for training.

What better way to get fired up for a workout or to jump start your day then to get a daily dose of bodybuilding motivation.

So whether you are a recreational or professional bodybuilder, fitness, figure or bikini athlete; here you will get some great motivation and inspiration.

You’ll get to read inspiring quotes,view motivational pictures, read inspiring stories, and even watch some amazing videos.

Time to get pumped up!


How Hardcore Workouts Saved The Life Of WBFF Pro ‘Big’ Frank Budelewski

WBFF Pro Frank Budelewski Interview

WBFF Pro Bodybuilder Frank Budelewski has been around the sport of bodybuilding for over 20 years. He has competed, obtained three personal training certifications, consulted successful fitness clubs, attended and judged countless competitions, trained many athletes, and now a representative for the WBFF, he has really...Read More »

What Motivational Bodybuilding Trigger Do You Use?

Motivational Bodybuilding

You just have to do it once.
And then do it once more.
And then again. And again. And again. Eventually, it’ll become automatic.

We all have one of those days where it’s tough to get our butt in the gym and grind out that workout but remember...Read More »

Top 25 Bodybuilding Motivational Quotes

Bodybuilding Motivational Quotes


Whether you’re bodybuilding to compete, stay fit, feel good, or just to look fantastic, you can add power to your workouts when you use motivational triggers that fire you up.

Do you have a favorite song or speech that gets you going every time?

Is there a certain video...Read More »