How To Build Back Muscles Dragon Style

Build Back Muscles


In the previous post we covered one of the staple exercises for back training; seated cable rows. In this post we’ll look at a back exercise that develops the middle back, lats, and biceps. build back muscles

This exercise has been used by serious bodybuilders for many years and is a great isolation exercise that spawned off one of the great compound exercises for the back.

It is the T-bar Row Machine.

The T-bar Row Machine is a popular piece of equipment for training the back and can be done either using palms down or palms up depending on what muscles of the back you want to target.

It’s a plate loaded machine and various models include a height adjustment feet plate that supports the chest so stress comes off the lower back and legs.

You can also change your grip by choosing the upper handles for targeting the upper back or using the lower handles for targeting the lower back.

It’s important to really concentrate on squeezing the back muscles when doing this exercise. It’s easy to have your biceps dominate the pull so you may want to use straps to help improve your movement.

If you really want to feel the burn hold the peak contraction for 1-2 seconds for each rep.

Your form is key, be careful not too hyper-extend your back or you can really cause a serious injury.

Here is IFBB Pro Hidetada Yamagishi (The Dragon) doing a heavy set of rows:

We all have our favorite back row exercises such as the standing T Bar Row, Bent over Barbell Row, Bent over Dumbbell Row and Seated Cable Rows but the T-Bar Row Machine is a great exercise to include in your arsenal.

As you progress through your training you’ll get a feel for what works best for you and what methods to incorporate with certain exercises.

For example, with the T-bar Row Machine change from palms down to palms up and incorporate various methods such as drop sets, isometrics, negatives, etc. to really shock the muscles.

Variety is the key since our muscles adapt fairly quickly. Stay tuned for more workout tips!

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