Building Biceps with New IFBB Pro Laurie ‘Freak Diesel’ Schnelle

Building Biceps

When someone knows you’re a bodybuilder the first thing they ask you to do is flex a muscle, 9 times out of 10 they are talking about your biceps. IFBB Figure Pro Laurie Schnelle

There’s no question that building biceps with a nice peak looks amazing especially onstage.

Recently, I had the privilege to speak with new IFBB Pro Laurie ‘Freak Diesel’ Schnelle and asked her some questions about going pro and how she built such impressive guns.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Laurie, your story is truly remarkable and an inspiration for aspiring pros. I heard that you always loved sports and you started lifting weights for the first time back in December 2010. How did you get the nickname ‘Freak Diesel’?

Laurie ‘Freak Diesel’ Schnelle: Freak Diesel was given to me by the crew I trained with from the beginning. I was called Freak because I can push a pretty decent amount of weight for my size; I can and would work out for up to 6 hrs. a day. I tore through the gym like a diesel, going hard, never stopping, and pushing through. And I’m a freak because of the amount of food I have to eat just to maintain my weight.

Bodybuilding Blogger:   Love the nickname! Let’s dive into some training. How do you get mentally prepped before a workout?

Laurie ‘Freak Diesel’ Schnelle: To get prepared for any of my workouts, I remind myself of my goals such as – winning my next show and being on the Olympia stage and that each workout is a step closer to reaching them. Each rep, each set counts.

Bodybuilding Blogger: I have to say that you’ve got some amazing peaks on those biceps. What does your bicep workout routine look like?

Laurie ‘Freak Diesel’ Schnelle: I mix it up each week, but my bicep exercises include:

  1. Preacher curls
  2. Rope/cable curls (these are my favorite. really works the bicep peak.)
  3. Dumbbell curls. I like to throw in a set or two where I hold one arm waist level holding the dumbbell, while I curl with the other arm then switch.
  4. Incline hammer curls
  5. Barbell curls. ( I like to burn out on these, meaning I’ll start at light weight and rep it out, no rest, grab higher weight rep it out, keep increasing weight, then (still no rest) go back down the rack. By the time you’re at the light weight again, it feels twice as heavy, and you feel the burn and pump! You can also do over hand grip barbell curls and super set it with regular grip curls.
  6. Cable pulls. Here’s a video of how I do this exercise.

Bodybuilding Blogger: How is your bicep training different during off season compared to contest prep?

Laurie ‘Freak Diesel’ Schnelle: My bicep training is the same off season as it is for contest preparation. My biceps are very developed so I’m not working on progressing in size with them too much.  They are 13.5 inches right now!

Bodybuilding Blogger: Wow, that’s pretty amazing! Thank you Laurie and congratulations on going pro.

I want to personally thank new IFBB Pro Laurie ‘Freak Diesel’ Schnelle for this interview. She is truly a humble champion and a first class athlete full of energy and determination. You can connect with Laurie on Facebook and her FreakDiesel website plus view her pics on our Facebook fan page Bodybuilding Worldwide.

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