4 Tips For Building Biceps Like A Pro

Building Biceps


So you want to have some big guns?

Let’s face it, big muscular arms look awesome and even though we can’t all have the 22 or 24 inch guns like the pros, don’t worry the good news is we don’t need to. building muscles fast

As impressive as a big bicep measurement sounds it really is not all that important.

What is important is how your arms look in proportion to the rest of your physique. I’ve seen some guys in the gym with amazing looking arms; actually they looked huge, even though their measurements weren’t.

On the flip side I’ve seen guys with really big arms but the rest of their physique such as legs were nowhere near the level of development as their arms were. So it’s critical to pay attention to all aspects of your body’s muscle development.

Don’t fall into training one or two body parts all the time because you may eventually start looking really disproportional.

Now that I got that off my chest let’s talk about how you can start building biceps like a pro.

Here are four key tips to help you maximize your bicep development.

1) Train to gain

Before anything you got to have the right mindset and attitude towards your training. Professional bodybuilders do not go pro by accident, or by sheer luck, or with a negative attitude and mindset. Big time pro, Kai Greene is notorious for his vision and mental preparation for training.

2) Shock the muscle

You’ll never catch a pro bodybuilder doing the same workout routine for building biceps over and over again. Pros know that muscles adapt quickly so they use various volumes/loads or methods of training and styles.

3) Feed your muscles

Every pro takes their bodies through rigorous training, it’s no secret that their nutrition plans and bodybuilding foods they eat are spot on. How do you think a pro such as Branch Warren eats with the way he trains?

4) Allow your muscle to recover

You won’t catch a pro training his/her biceps or the same muscle group each and every day. They allow their bodies time to recover after those grueling workouts.

More importantly many pros use supplements such as BCAAs, glutamine, and post workout drinks to further help in speeding up recovery and building muscle fast.

There’s no question that building biceps with a nice peak looks amazing especially onstage. When someone knows you’re a bodybuilder the first thing they ask you to do is flex a muscle, 9 times out of 10 they are talking about your biceps.

Let these four tips help guide you to developing some major guns for your physique!

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