Cutting Andro Kit: The Legal and Safer Alternative For Getting Shredded

Cutting Andro Kit

We all know that getting ripped requires intense training, an increase in cardio, along with an effective diet plan. But let’s face it; diet and exercise alone are not the only things many bodybuilders use to get that shredded, dry, hard look you see onstage. lg sciences cutting andro kit

Aside from talking about illegally banned substances like Trenbolone, Winstrol, Clenbuterol etc., what powerful and legal alternatives do bodybuilders use to get ripped?

Welcome to the world of natural pro hormones.

Natural pro-hormones are as important to bodybuilders as any other supplement on the market. No one completely understands how hormones increase muscle mass, strength and size, but did you know they are also extremely effective at reducing body fat.

Natural pro-hormones, like the ones sold by LG Sciences, will give you excellent results when you factor in the life of your cycle and the amount of gains you actually keep after going off cycle.

I have been using natural pro hormones by LG for the past year now and at 42 years old (just turned 42 yesterday by the way), I have never experienced the types of gains and definition I have achieved with this type of supplementation in my 28 years of training.

The gains in strength, lean muscle mass and overall intensity during training has been nothing short of amazing. The best part of it all is I literally get to enjoy all the similar benefits that anabolic steroids provide but without all the dangers, risks, and legal ramifications that come with it.

It’s important to realize every pro hormone will affect each individual differently. But, for the greatest impact “stacking” pro-hormones helps increase the overall potency of the effect.

For getting cut, the Cutting Andro Kit by LG is for those of you who are serious about getting that dry, hard, ripped look. This stack includes the best combination of pro hormones to give you every advantage during your cutting phase while helping you maintain as much lean muscle mass as possible.

Let’s face it; we train hard at building up our muscle mass so the last thing we want to do is lose a good portion of our gains during the cutting phase.

Here are the four pro hormones that make up this killer cutting stack:

EPIANDRO – This is a pro hormone to stanolone that may increase aggression which is great for increasing your training intensity. You’ll get some insane harness in the gym using this pro hormone alone!

1-ANDRO – A great addition to this cycle for the intense hardening and strength boost you get from this dry pro hormone.

17- PRO ANDRO – I love this stuff! It’s a non-androgen hardener that will give an alternative pathway to stanalone production. I call this the ‘vein popper’ because the vascularity you get on this stuff is frickin awesome.

FORM-XT – A must have PCT product for getting you back into perfect condition after your cycle.

As you can see this cutting andro stack is powerful and best of all LG has made it in liquid form for faster and more effective delivery.

Use the chart below for your dosage schedule:

cutting andro kit

Make sure you wait at least 10 minutes between dosages of each product and for FORM-XT use a small portion of food when taking it since it’s in tablet form.

Also, follow the serving sizes according to the label. For example, for 17-PRO ANDRO you take one dose of 1.5 ml using the oral syringe 4 times per day.  Personally, I use 2.0 ml because that dosage seems to give me the best results.   fat burner supplement syringe

Like I said earlier, if you want the closest thing to anabolic steroids without the health risks and legal ramifications, in my opinion, natural pro hormones are the way to go.

The Cutting Andro Kit will give you that edge for getting ripped but remember it’s only as effective when you have the right diet and training regimen locked down.

*Cutting Andro Kit is for men 21 and over ONLY.

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