Shock Your Shoulders With A Dumbbell Lateral Raise Into A Drop Set

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

No body-part displays the image of strength and size as the shoulders do. Muscular and striated shoulders stand out and give a huge impression both on and offstage. ifbb pro missy farrell training

Wide shoulders make your waist and hips appear smaller giving you that sweet looking V-tapered look.

In bodybuilding, it’s all about balance and building for symmetry and proportion. So when it comes to shoulders you should focus on developing the front deltoid, middle/outer deltoid and rear deltoid.

A specific bodybuilding shoulder workout exercise that works fantastic at building up the middle/outer deltoids is the dumbbell lateral raise.

Now there are a variety of ways to increase your intensity such as negative reps and partial reps but let’s talk about doing a drop set.

A drop set is the most basic and yet brutal of all shocks!  You start by reaching failure with a weight, as soon as you hit failure, lessen the weight, and then continue the set until failure is reached again.

Here’s IFBB Pro Missy Farrell showing you how to shock your shoulders doing a heavy dumbbell lateral raise into a drop set.

Doing a drop set hits those stubborn muscle fibers and can cause some tremendous gains that couldn’t be achieved doing a single set. You can always incorporate a drop set with barbells, dumbbells or machines.

Remember, drop sets are intense so a 3:1 method (3 straight sets followed by one drop set) is best so you won’t burn out and over train.

Stay posted as we will be covering many more shoulder workout exercises and techniques to help you build those melon sized delts.

A big shout out and thank you to my friend IFBB Pro Missy Farrell, who is truly an incredible athlete and inspiration. You can connect with Missy on Facebook and Twitter plus view many of her pics on our Facebook fan page Bodybuilding Worldwide.

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