A Powerful Fat Burner Supplement That No Bodybuilder Can Ignore

Fat Burner Supplement

I’m sure we can agree that nothing can replace hard training, diet and cardio, but make no mistake; supplementation has its rightful place in a bodybuilder’s arsenal.  Supplementation can provide you that extra edge you need to push your fat loss in the right direction. fat burner supplement

Let’s face it, whether you are a recreational or competitive bodybuilder you’re either aiming to build lean muscle mass or lose body fat. It’s as simple as that.

In this post let’s cover two of the hottest compounds for fat loss; Chlorogenic Acid found in Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones.

So what does chlorogenic acid do?

Chlorogenic acid induces thermogenesis, which speeds up metabolism and burns fat. Something we definitely want more of when it comes to losing body fat.

Tea (black, green or white) and coffee contain this compound but unfortunately for all you coffee drinkers out there traditional brewed coffee doesn’t serve as a good source.

The best natural sources for chlorogenic acid are Green coffee beans. In a recent study testing out the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract alongside a placebo; the green coffee bean extract won hands down.

When it comes to raspberry ketones (primary aroma compound of red raspberries), research has shown it can help burn fat faster by causing the fat within your cells to get broken up more effectively.

Now if you’re thinking about just adding more raspberries to your diet think again. The recommended dose is 100mg per day which means you would have to eat 90 pounds of raspberries!

Now you can always buy a green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones supplement separately and add even more pills to the ones your taking already but there is a better way.

What if you could get both of these fat busting ingredients in one supplement without popping another pill and have it be even more potent?

The good news is the cutting edge supplements company, LG Sciences, has combined these two amazing ingredients into one great tasting supplement and added in the fat mobilizing amino acid L-Carnitine to give you C2K.

lg sciences c2k C2K is an excellent product which I personally use along with 17-Pro Andro for the ultimate fat burning stack. If you want that cut and dry look then look no further then stacking these two powerful supplements.

Not only did LG Sciences combine these two fat busting ingredients into one supplement but best of all they have made it in liquid form for faster and more effective delivery and it actually tastes pretty good.

So why oral dosing?

Oral dosing under the tongue with plant extracts like chlorogenic acid found in green coffee and raspberry ketones has been shown in one preliminary study to be up to 250X more bioavailable than oral capsules.

This means that it is possible that 5 mg of raspberry ketones in LG Sciences unique delivery system may be equal to 1,250mg of a capsule based product. Now that’s some potent stuff!

The C2K liquids hit your body faster than even tablets and there is reason to believe that you actually absorb more with liquids.  That reason is because where a tablet is stuck under the tongue the liquid can be swished around the mouth.

The mouth is one big absorption tissue and the cheeks absorb as much as under your tongue.  That’s why you only need to hold the liquid for 60 seconds for maximal effects. fat burner supplement syringe

You take one dose of 1.5 ml using the oral syringe 4 times per day and it’s best to space your dosages out throughout the day.  For example, 1 dose when you wake up, 1 does after getting ready, 1 dose after your workout, and one dose before you go to bed.

LG Sciences C2K packs a punch so consider adding this powerhouse combo of Chlorogenic Acid, Raspberry Ketones & L-Carnitine to your arsenal to supercharge your fat loss and training.

Stay tuned for more supplement reviews!

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