The Essential Fat Grip Adapter for Hardcore Bodybuilders

Fat Grip Adapter

I have to admit, I have only been exposed to fat grip adapters for the past couple of months but in my opinion no bodybuilder should ever be without a pair.  fat grip training

The growth in my forearms and developing a vise-like grip are just some of the benefits I have experienced since incorporating fat grip training.

Weights that once felt heavy now feel so much lighter in my hands, especially when I train without the grips during a set. It’s amazing that all this comes from simply using a thick bar adapter.

Did you know that forcing to grip harder during training activates more irradiation throughout your body making your muscles work even harder?

So what is irradiation?

It’s the principle of contracting a muscle harder by contracting the muscles surrounding it.

Here’s an example, try flexing your bicep as hard as possible without making a fist. Now try and flex your bicep as hard as possible while making your fist as tight as possible and squeezing.

Notice the difference?

You can contract your bicep much harder when you closed your fist and squeezed. This is called “irradiation” since the nerve impulses of surrounding muscles (fist) can increase the effect of the targeted muscle (bicep).

Now let’s try something else.

Make a fist as hard as possible without flexing your biceps or triceps. Can’t do it right? As you flex and generate more tension in your grip you do so in your forearms, biceps and triceps without even trying.

fat grip adapters

It’s all about generating more tension “on demand” to the muscles being trained and that’s what fat grip training does.

Fat grip training (also known as thick bar training) is something strongmen and bodybuilders used back in the 60’s to achieve amazing strength levels and massive muscle growth.

Geoff “Hellraiser” Hale, ARMWARS International Welterweight World Champion, knows a thing or two about grip strength and fat grip training!

Check out this video of Geoff, known as the Bruce Lee of arm wrestling. His speed and power is incredible! If you think training with thick grips is not for you think again!

Rather than shelling out big bucks for fat barbells an alternative is using what is known as a fat grip adapter or thick grip adapter.

Some of the top pro bodybuilders such as 4X Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, athletes, MMA fighters, SWAT Teams, and Members of the Military from all around the world utilize fat grip adapters.

With a fat grip adapter you can increase muscle fiber activation in your grip, forearm, biceps, and triceps. It activates the irradiation throughout your body on a hardcore level.

The past several weeks I had the opportunity to test out TruGrips 3.0 (3.0 inch diameter) by Iron Bull Strength and hands down these grips are absolutely the best! They were simple to use, extremely durable, and best of all they hold on like a clamp. No free play or worrying about the grips slipping.

Now prior to that I was using the TruGrip 2.5 (2.5 inch diameter) during training and let me tell you something, I thought the 2.5 was amazing but you upgrade to the hardcore 3.0 fat grip and its game over. The forearm pump and grip training you’ll experience is insane!

During each of my workouts they functioned exactly as if I were using an actual thick bar.  The finger grip grooves and barrel-shaped design provided excellent support. Within seconds I was able to install them so no complaints on convenience and usability.thick bar training iron bull strength

The TruGrips are made of super high quality polymer designed to withstand thousands of pounds so no worrying about the grips becoming compressed either.

Now I know there are lots of other grips in the market but I’ve found that either I had to squeeze the grips or they would pop off the bar or some models had too small of an inside diameter limiting its use with some of the equipment in the gym or some models were simply just a pain in the butt to put on in the first place.

All in all the hardcore 3.0 TruGrips are my preferred fat grip adapter and best of all they offer a variety of sizes and colors ranging from 2 inches all the way up to my favorite 3 inch fat grips.

Now remember, at first you might have to lower the weights because you’ll be limited by poor hand and grip strength but that’s the whole root of the problem and fat grip training is the solution.

In a matter of seconds, you can discover the world of fat grip training and access the muscle growth and strength you’ve been missing out on all these years. Fat grip training equals more muscle!

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