How To Fit In Fitness With Your Busy Schedule

Fitting In Fitness


We Americans are always rushing, pressed for time and energy.  So how do we find the time and energy to stay fit? fit in fitness

By making fitness fit into your life.

If that means putting the treadmill and weights in your living room or the TV in the basement, do it. If it means pairing up with a friend or coach to hold you accountable, do it.  If it means doing a video in the privacy of your own home or stepping into a gym for the first time, do it.

There are SO many ways to fit in fitness!!

We’ve ALL heard this one……park further out in the parking lot rather than driving around for 5 minutes trying to get a closer spot.

Do a few jumping jacks or pushups whenever you start to mentally beat yourself up for not working out or eating too much.

Even standing up rather than sitting during a task can help by burning more calories.

I meet SO many people who are ready to jump in head first when they decide to get in shape.  No carbs, an hour of cardio a day, no soda, no candy, etc.

Got to love the concept and the inspiration, but that approach almost NEVER works beyond a few days.

The key is consistency and perseverance.  If the only way you can bring yourself to be consistent is to do little bits and pieces of activity, so be it.  Jump in, do the bits and pieces wholeheartedly, with intensity and consistency!

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Kim WathenKim Wathen, M.S. is a competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer, nutrition consultant, college professor, writer, and founder of Fitness and Fuel. Her articles and posts have been featured in Racer X and many other publications in the fitness industry. As a competitor, Kim is nationally qualified for the Masters Nationals in Pittsburg.