Get Ripped

get ripped workout plan

Bodybuilders not only want to have muscle mass, but also a low body fat level so all of their muscle definition is visible. This is especially critical during pre-contest preparation since getting ripped is far more drastic than the typical well defined physique you see in the gym or on the beach.

In this section you will find all the answers surrounding this one question, “what does it take to get ripped?”

Whether you just want to achieve a six pack of abs for the beach or you’re preparing for a bodybuilding competition you will learn everything you need in this section to get ripped.

You will hear from recreational and competitive bodybuilders who share their secrets for maintaining a well defined physique year round.

Plus you’ll get to learn from competitive bodybuilders including some iron-veterans about proper dieting, get ripped workout plans, supplementation and much more.

So whether you are an amateur, advanced, or pro bodybuilder; one tip, one secret, one strategy, or one workout method that you learn in this section may be just what you need to break through the fat loss plateau and start getting ripped like a pro.

How Much Body Fat Do I Have To Lose?

Calculate How Much Body Fat To Lose


If your goal is lose weight, get ready for a competition, or simply look better there are many ways both healthy and unhealthy to go about achieving your goal.

Two of the most common ways which are not only unhealthy but also unsustainable...Read More »

Top 4 Workouts To Burn Fat, Build Muscle, And Get Stronger

Workouts to Burn Fat


Are you one of those bodybuilders that dread doing cardio?

You are certainly not alone; I admit that I struggle constantly with staying on that treadmill for an hour.

But what if I told you that in a fraction of the time you spend on a cardio...Read More »

How To Fit In Fitness With Your Busy Schedule

Fitting In Fitness


We Americans are always rushing, pressed for time and energy.  So how do we find the time and energy to stay fit?

By making fitness fit into your life.

If that means putting the treadmill and weights in your living room or the TV in the basement, do...Read More »

Do You Really Need Supplements to Get Ripped?

Supplements to Get Ripped


Nothing can replace hard work, strict diet, and cardio when you want to get ripped. If you supply your body with the nutrients and the right diet along with hard work in the gym, it will pay off dividends greater than any supplement can.

But diet...Read More »

Is Your Workout for Summer Getting You Beach body Ready?

Workout for Summer


Summer is here and the time has come to kick back and relax under the sun. It’s time for beach days, barbecues and pool parties, and for bodybuilders these activities also mean one thing: it’s time for the shirts to come off and to showcase that rock-solid...Read More »