Why Glutamine in Bodybuilding is Essential for Muscle Growth and Recovery

Glutamine in Bodybuilding


There are literally hundreds of supplements on the market targeted at bodybuilders that are meant to increase your muscle mass.

Glutamine in Bodybuilding

They are designed to maximize your body’s natural abilities and to help you get the quality muscle mass you want.

But how do you know which supplements are best for you?

To help clear up the confusion it’s important to first identify the essential ones that make up the foundation for successful supplementation.

In this post, let’s review Glutamine in bodybuilding, also known as L-Glutamine, which is essential for bodybuilders.

Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that is produced naturally by the body.  Sixty percent of glutamine is found in the skeletal muscles.  The remainder is in the lung, liver, brain, and stomach tissues.

Over 60% of our amino acids come in the form of glutamine.  Under normal conditions, our body can produce more than enough.

However, during times of stress, glutamine reserves are depleted and must be replenished through supplementation.  This includes stress that the body is under during periods of exercise.

Without Glutamine in bodybuilding, you will lose muscle and we definitely don’t want that to happen.

This amino acid is essential to muscle building because it helps nitrogen in the body move around to where it needs to be.  You have to have a positive nitrogen balance in order to add muscle mass.

The typical American diet provides 3.5 to 7 grams of glutamine daily which is found in animal and plant proteins. However, bodybuilders aren’t typical; our body demands much more than the average American diet.

Many bodybuilders choose to supplement daily with products like Glutamine Decanate by Muscle Meds, which just so happens to be my personal favorite glutamine supplement.

Research shows levels of supplementation from 2 to 40 grams daily. Two to three grams has been found to help symptoms of queasiness. This two to three gram dosage used post workout builds protein, repairs and builds muscle and can induce levels of growth hormone found in the body.

Too often, bodybuilders mistakenly think that protein is the key, but it’s really a high amount of protein, combined with other essential nutrients like Glutamine and intense workouts, that does the trick.

Again, bodybuilding is more than working out. It is a combination of working the muscles, and feeding the muscles properly so they can recover.

Make sure that you take the time out of the gym to learn more about the essential bodybuilding supplements that your body needs.

Stay tuned for more posts covering these essential supplements in our Bodybuilding Supplements section.

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