IFBB Figure Pro Larissa Reis Reveals Her Secrets To Success

IFBB Figure Pro Larissa Reis Interview


From becoming an IFBB Figure Pro, to being the first Brazilian athlete to ever win a pro show in the U.S.A, to being sponsored by some of the most reputable brands in the industry, Larissa Reis is conquering her dream journey.Larissa Reis IFBB Pro

Recently, I had the honor to interview Larissa about life as an IFBB Figure Pro, her training regimen, her new website, and what the future holds for this tremendous athlete.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Larissa, your success story is truly amazing. You came to America with only $500 in your pocket and became an IFBB Pro recognized as one of the best fitness athletes in the world. What do you attribute your success to?

Larissa Reis: Thank you Marco for your words, I really appreciate it. Well, I attribute my success mainly to all the support I receive daily from my lovely family, friends, fans and my sponsors.

It’s from them that I get my true and pure inspiration, motivation and strength in everything that I do. That, plus my never give up attitude, will power and desire to challenge and surpass myself every day is all I ever need.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Well said! So what motivated you to compete in figure competition?

Larissa Reis: I have always related with sports in general and this fit lifestyle. I can say I have been training as long as I can remember (doing a specific sport or in the gym). Also, when I was working for a supplement store in Brazil as a fitness model I saw a poster of one of my idols Monica Brant, and I got instantly amazed with her outstanding physique. ifbb figure pro larissa reis nutrex

That along with my forever love for challenges in every aspect of life got me more and more into this world of female competition.

Bodybuilding Blogger: You definitely have passion for it that’s for sure. Your hardcore training philosophy and mindset is truly awesome. I can see when you hit the gym you don’t mess around at all. You go hardcore! Can you share with us one of your HARDCOREIS™ workouts?

Larissa Reis: Thank you once again! Though first you have to remember that my workout routine is based on what works the best for me after several years of knowledge, study and experience.

So it may not be the best for another person, we have to always understand our bodies very well first, in order to know what results we can get with it.

Below is an example for a full week:

Day 1: Legs/Calves/Glutes and 1 hour and half of cardio later;

( Here’s a Sample Video of Me Doing Lunges)

Day 2: Hot Yoga – 90min and 45 min of cardio later;

Day 3: Shoulders/Chest/Triceps and 1 hour and half of cardio;

Day 4: Hot Yoga – 90min and 45 min of cardio;

Day 5: Back/Lower Back/Biceps and 1 hour and half of cardio later;

Day 6: Hot Yoga – 90min and 45 min of cardio later;

Day 7: OFF

Bodybuilding Blogger: Thank you for sharing that. Talk about some serious cardio! Larissa, you have an incredibly busy schedule with training, traveling, photo shoots, running a successful business not to mention preparing for competitions. How do you stay on track with your nutrition on and off season? What are some of your favorite foods?

Larrisa Reis: My favorite foods are brownies and sushi.

As some of you may know I like to eat clean mostly year round, I found it to be the best for me. On the off-season I just have a treat here and there, since we all deserve it. ifbb figure pro larissa reis mag

That and I also add carbohydrates and creatine (Volu-Gro and/or Creatine Drive) on my post-workout shake.

When traveling yes, it is a little harder to keep on track but I tend to prepare all my food previously, but if I can’t I just eat clean anyway at the restaurant, it’s doable… We just need to pay attention to the details and to ask for what we want and need specifically on the meal (for example no salt, etc.).

Bodybuilding Blogger: I’m with you on the sushi, love it! So learn the art of meal planning and if all else fails eat as clean as you can at a restaurant. Got it 😉 What kind of cardio works best for you and how is it different during off-season compared to pre-contest? Do you think it’s best to do cardio first thing in the morning?

Larrisa Reis: I either add more cardio (pre-contest) or I reduce it (off-season). The best choice depends also on how our bodies react, since we are all different.

However, I like it first thing in the morning since it can give a boost to our metabolism for starting the day.

As you can see in my routine, at the moment my approach is slightly different; I added a new activity called Hot Yoga which is also considered aerobic while also helps with water retention (good for pre-competition!).

Then again, as described I do more cardio with normal exercises, elliptical, free running, etc., I am always changing that.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Nice! I heard that Hot Yoga is one of the fastest growing styles of Yoga in the world. Let’s talk about your personal training. As a certified personal trainer and nutritionist for women what is your approach with clients and what do you see them struggling with the most? ifbb figure pro larissa reis nutrex athlete

Larrisa Reis: My first approach is always to understand their goals and their commitment (which is crucial for success), it’s not easy but it always worth the effort.

They usually struggle the most with the diet, which I always teach that it doesn’t have to be flavorless like most think, we just have to give wings to our imagination and try new ideas, new seasonings, and so on..

My food is always super tasty, either I am in pre-contest or not. That will help a lot and make the journey easier and more enjoyable.

Bodybuilding Blogger: What’s it like being sponsored by Nutrex, Vitrix, Pro Tan and Suits by Amy?

Larissa Reis: Vitrix is a part of Nutrex, but you are right, I am sponsored by Nutrex Research, Suits by Amy, Pro Tan and I am a member of the team Vitrix Model Team.

I take this opportunity to say thank you to them, for everything and all the huge and daily support they give me. I’m very honored and happy, they are family to me.

I will always represent them the best I can!

Bodybuilding Blogger: Love their Muscle Infusion chocolate monster. Tastes amazing! Got any favorites?

Larissa Reis: Oh yes, that’s my favorite Chocolate Monster!!!! Also Cookie Madness, well all of them are awesome! And they go well with every recipe not only shakes! 😉  ifbb pro larissa reis nutrex

Bodybuilding Blogger: Congratulations on launching your new website HARDCOREIS™! The site looks great! What can a new fan expect when they visit? What other projects do you have in the works?

Larissa Reis: Much appreciated! I am very very honored with the launch of my brand Hardcoreis™, a dream come true!

It was in the works for some time, but I am very happy with it, it totally was worth the wait! 🙂

The website has a lot of cool stuff, from life blogs to photo-shoots, pictures, curiosities, and much much more.

Including the store section, where you can find the Hardcoreis™ clothing line, which have some exclusive and very stylish designs, along with signed posters of me.

Note that we ship worldwide!! 😉

I have more several projects in the works and more news coming soon, but I can’t talk about it yet, I will just say and assure everyone that will blow your mind!! Stay tuned!!

Bodybuilding Blogger: That’s awesome, look forward to it! If you could give one piece of advice to an aspirinlarissa reis ifbb pro g figure pro, what would it be?

Larrisa Reis: I would say for them to dare to dream, to dare to stand alone if needed, and to never give up on anything.

If you keep your eyes and mind set on your goals you will reach them, because nothing is impossible. It’s all about will power, consistency, perseverance and hard work.

Nothing is given, all is earned.

Seek for what drives you, what inspires you, music, and professional athletes, whatever it is. Seek it, find it and use it! 🙂 BE HARDCOREIS™!

Bodybuilding Blogger: Thank you so much Larissa for sharing your time with us and for being such a positive motivation.

I want to personally thank my good friend Larissa Reis for this interview. She is a driven, strong, hardworking and inspiring athlete with a passion for helping others become the best they can be. You can connect with Larissa on LarissaReis.net or Facebook and Twitter plus view her pics on our Facebook fan page Bodybuilding Worldwide.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories, workout tips, interviews, and nutrition info from the pros.

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