IFBB Pro Pauline Nordin Reveals How to Discipline Your Dedication

Pauline Nordin Interview

From becoming an IFBB Figure Pro, to being an International top fitness model, to being ExerciseTV’s most butt-busting trainer for the TV program “Biggest Loser” (Nordic version), Pauline Nordin has traveled a long road with many hurdles to become the straight-forward fitness star she is today. Pauline Nordin

Recently, I had the honor to interview Pauline about her training style, her company Fighter Diet™, and what the future holds for this tremendous athlete.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Pauline, you are inspiring and motivating so many people around the world with your straight forward fitness approach. What do you attribute your success to?

Pauline Nordin: Thank you Marco! There are so many fads and confusing fitness fairy tales out there people don’t know what to do, they end up in a catch 22 where it seems they’re doomed and whatever they do they fail.

I don’t sell a dream, I sell real results that come from being dedicated and disciplined as well as having patience. You don’t transform your body and mind over night. I lead by example. That’s what I think brings me continuous success.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Right on! So what motivated you to compete in figure competition?

Pauline Nordin: I wanted to take my body from being average to being exceptional. I set my goal and then followed my plan. It took me three years from that decision to being on stage. I had my mind set on it from my very first workout and didn’t allow myself to slip off or doubt my capabilities.

Bodybuilding Blogger: That’s some serious focus, can you tell us about your training philosophy and no-nonsense approach to fitness?

Pauline Nordin: I believe in the old basics of heavy weight and compound movements. Just plain and simple. Lift more and more weight and do more reps with a given weight. Keep on doing it and you grow muscle. IFBB Pro Pauline Nordin

Bodybuilding Blogger: Stick to the basics, got it! What inspired you to start Fighter Diet™ ?

Pauline Nordin: I always had a big appetite and love food. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well with my fit body ideals. I was grumpy that I couldn’t eat to satisfaction and was sick of tiny portions multiple times per day.

I asked myself how can I eat to feel full, get ripped and maintain it? And that is how I started coming up with my concept; One step at a time.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Love it! Your training is also extremely intense. Got a sample video clip?

Pauline Nordin: Here you go!

Bodybuilding Blogger: Awesome video! What’s your nutrition plan like?

Pauline Nordin: I eat 5-7% of my lean weight in vegetables every day. I eat my meals around my workouts only and eat nothing during the ‘regular hours’. For instance, I do cardio in the morning followed by a big breakfast of oat bran, protein powder and flax. Pauline Nordin Fighter Diet

Then I do not eat until pre workout where I have a protein shake and some bcaas. After my weight training I eat about 65-70% of my calories , starting with some fast carbs from vitargo® or caramel rice cakes, bcaas, whey protein, followed by a long dinner of vegetables and my favorite lean protein, Lifetime Cheese.

Around 10 or 11 pm I have a few ounces of 100% chocolate and greek yogurt. I also have re feeds. It can be once a week or once a month depending on shape and appetite. They are pretty much big carb loads.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Do you take any supplements?

Pauline Nordin: Yes, my basics are FD Greens, BCAAs and fish oil.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Pauline, what has been your hardest challenge to overcome either in your personal life or competitive career?

Pauline Nordin: To get a permanent resident card so I could move to America. I’m from Sweden and applied in 2006 under ‘extraordinary abilities’. I came here on my journalist visa but thankfully got approved and now I’m here for good.

Bodybuilding Blogger: That’s fantastic, congratulations! What do you see people struggling with the most when it comes to training and nutrition and what advice would you give? Pauline Nordin IFBB Pro

Pauline Nordin: Consistency. Every day making the right choices instead of every other day.

My advice is to remember your goals and then decide if your momentary weaknesses and bad choices are helping you reach those goals. If not, you shall not act on them.

Bodybuilding Blogger: If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring figure pro, what would it be?

Pauline Nordin: Have patience and let their transformation take time as well as not rely on your physique but developing your other qualities to take your career far.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Thank you so much Pauline for sharing your time with us and for being such a positive force of motivation.

I want to personally thank my good friend Pauline Nordin for this interview.

She is a disciplined, determined, hardworking and inspiring athlete with a passion for perfecting her physique and inspiring others to be their best. You can connect with Pauline on Fighter Diet.com or Facebook and Twitter plus view her pics on our Facebook fan page Bodybuilding Worldwide.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories, workout tips, interviews, and nutrition info from the pros.

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