What Motivational Bodybuilding Trigger Do You Use?

Motivational Bodybuilding

You just have to do it once.
And then do it once more.
And then again. And again. And again. Eventually, it’ll become automatic. motivational bodybuilding pic

We all have one of those days where it’s tough to get our butt in the gym and grind out that workout but remember all it takes is a decision and having a motivational bodybuilding trigger can do just the trick.

Whatever your goals or aspirations are keep it in front of you daily. Make yourself accountable to your workout partner. Visualization is another great way to motivate yourself and gear up for that next workout.

Some of us listen to our favorite music or watch a motivational video clip before we hit the iron. No matter what it is create a trigger that gets you fired up and ready to hit the gym.

If you truly want to be successful, self motivation is essential.

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