NPC 2012 Pacific USA Bikini Overall Winner Rosie Gavilanes Takes It To The Next Level

NPC Competitor Rosie Gavilanes Interview

Rosie Gavilanes is one of NPC’s newest competitors to hit the bikini stage. With nearly 12 years of modeling experience and a life-long passion for fitness, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with on the Bikini stage.

Recently, Rosie competed in the Pacific USA’s in San Diego on August 18th placing 1st in her class and even more impressing, took home the sword as the overall Bikini winner.  npc competition

After her win at the Pacific USA’s, Rosie set her sights on the 2012 Tournament of Champions where she won 1st place in her class at her official debut.

Recently, I had the privilege to speak with Rosie and asked her questions about training, competition and her future plans.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Rosie, as a model and athlete what motivated you to enter a bikini competition?

Rosie Gavilanes: I’ve always had a passion for fitness and admired the bikini competitors.  I wanted to take it to the next level so I set a goal for myself.

Bodybuilding Blogger: What are some of the biggest challenges you faced training for it?

Rosie Gavilanes: I would have to say not having enough time in a day to do everything.  With a daily schedule that includes cardio, weight training, eating six meals, and getting eight hours sleep, it’s definitely a challenge.

Bodybuilding Blogger: I heard that you are getting trained from one of the industry’s top trainers, Kim Oddo, how’s that going for you?

Rosie Gavilanes: Kim is awesome, when I first went to Kim, I was 90% there but he really knows his stuff so he dialed me in perfectly.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Let’s talk about your training, what’s your workout regimen like?

Rosie Gavilanes: That’s where Kim’s expertise comes in to play. He instructs me on the right balance of cardio, weight training and calories.  As we get closer to Showtime, he looks at me and makes more adjustments. Depending on what he sees, that may mean eating more or less calories, or increasing or decreasing cardio.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Has your nutrition changed as a bikini competitor?

Rosie Gavilanes: Yes and no… I’ve always been a healthy eater; I never really crave junk food. The biggest change for me was eating larger and more frequent meals.   npc competition bikini

Bodybuilding Blogger: As a rising star in bikini competition how has life changed for you and what are your future plans?

Rosie Gavilanes: Considering I’ve done very well in my recent competitions and seeing the end result, my friends and family now understand and respect how important my daily regimen is. I feel blessed that my success has influenced and motivated the people around me to live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Any advice or tips you would like to share for aspiring bikini competitors?

Rosie Gavilanes: The first thing I would suggest is that if you are thinking about competing, set a goal and just do it!  You will never know until you try.  Once you’ve made the decision to get up on stage, you need to make sure that you’ve given “your all” to every aspect: diet, training, posing, bikini (color and style), hair, makeup, jewelry and tan; there are A LOT of fine details that need to come together and you don’t want to fail on any of them.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Thank you Rosie for sharing your time with us and congratulations on your recent victories. We look forward to watching your career take flight.

I want to personally thank Rosie Gavilanes for this interview. She is a hardworking, dedicated, motivating and classy competitor. You can connect with Rosie on Facebook and plus view her pics on our Facebook fan page Bodybuilding Worldwide.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories, workout tips, interviews, and nutrition info from the pros.

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