From a 1085 lb Powerlifting Squat to Being a Power Giver: Pro Jayson McNett Revealed

Interview with Pro Powerlifter Jayson McNett

Pro Powerlifter, Jayson McNett, squatted 1,085 pounds at this year’s Arnold Classic competing alongside the best lifters in the world. powerlifter squat

Recently, I had the honor to interview Jayson about his powerlifting career and what the future holds for this inspiring and driven champion.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Jayson, congratulations on your success at the Arnold Classic this year, tell us about yourself?

Jayson McNett: Thank you Marco and all I can say is WOW!!! What a great time it was to compete with some of the best lifters in the world.

To tell you a little about myself, well first my name is Jayson McNett, I am 32 years old, and I’m from Toledo, Ohio. I have been a deputy sheriff for the last 10 years. I am married, I have an identical twin brother named Justyn and I’m the youngest child in my family.

I train right now at two places. 1st – Ironworks of Toledo, that’s where all my heavy lifting is done and where my equipment is. 2nd place is Super Fitness of Toledo, where I usually do all my alternate training i.e. accessory work. I lift in the SHW class and I lift multi-ply gear.

Bodybuilding Blogger: What got you started in powerlifting?

Jayson McNett: I actually got started into powerlifting by entering a bench competition here in Toledo. It’s where I was introduced to what we powerlifters call gear or equipment i.e. the bench shirts- never knew at that time something like that existed.

So I competed unequipped or raw as some would say and actually walked out by pressing 430lbs. I think I was 24 at the time but soon after that I started researching competitions and got intrigued.

So I started training my butt off at Super Fitness but it did not have what we call a mono-lift so I had to be inventive with a power rack. Then I just started going and competing and just got hooked.

Bodybuilding Blogger: What are some of your proudest moments in the sport, your victories, titles, or achievements?

Jayson McNett: As of right now I have two proudest moments in my lifting career. The 1st is a competition I did back in November of 2012. The meet was called Detroit Relentless; it was a charity meet put on by friends of mine from Detroit Barbell or DBB. powerlifter detroit

This meet was something special. A couple of months prior my friend who put on this meet Tommy Westhoff, called me up and asked if I could come to this meet and squat a grand. All for a charity meet for a 9 year little boy named Austin who has brain cancer.

At the time he asked, I already had 2 meets within 2 weeks of each other, 1st was the semi-finals for the XPC at THE ARNOLD, the 2nd was actually the biggest meet of my career at the time THE WPC WORLDS IN VEGAS.

Well there was no way I could say NO!  Now here comes the bad part before the great part. I was able to secure my spot for the finals at THE XPC for THE ARNOLD FINALS but 2 weeks after that I bombed at THE WPC WORLDS.

I got back from Vegas that Tuesday November 19, and then already had to go to the DETROIT RELENTLESS that Saturday November 17th, NOTHING WILL EVER COMPARE TO HAVING 50-60 CHILDREN SCREAMING FOR ME WHILE ON THE PLATFORM.

Well, I walked into that meet and had one hell of a day. I squatted 1,050lbs, benched 700lbs and deadlifted 665lbs, all to help raise over $30,000 for Austin. I also won best lifter of the meet that day.

The 2nd one is actually THE XPC at THE ARNOLD. Why, because it was the 1st time multi-ply lifting had been back in 6 years. Also, I had doubters, the ones who said I could not put big numbers on a BIG STAGE. Well is there a bigger stage then THE ARNOLD Classic?

I walked into that meet ready as I ever been. Determined to show my doubters that I could put up BIG NUMBERS on THE BIG STAGE. I did just that too, I squatted 1085lbs ( a 35lb pr), benched 733lbs( a 8lb pr), and deadlifted 700lbs( a 25lb pr) and walked away from that meet with my PRO TOTAL of 2518lbs (a 103lb pr).

Here are some highlights from the 2013 Arnold Classic:

I finished 3rd in my weight class and I think 6th or 7th overall. To do that against some of the best lifters in the World was a great feeling. I also had Overkill Strength Equipment add me to their list of lifters. Thank you Rudy!

Bodybuilding Blogger: Now that’s incredible! Congrats again man what an inspiration and such a powerful way to give back and help. Let’s talk about training. What’s your regimen like? Can you give us some examples of what training methods you use?

Jayson McNett: My training methods are pretty simple in fact. I go in and just train as hard as I can. I’m somewhat un-orthodoxed, I go in sometimes I use chains, then bands , then a combination of bands and chains, volume work, max work, to me I have to keep things different to get the benefit.

I have used the most common methods that most powerlifters use, i.e. westside method, 5/3/1 method, the Coan method, the cube method, some worked some didn’t. With that said there is always a saying WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, MAY NOT WORK FOR ME, so you have to experiment with training styles and sometimes just combine methods.

My training days are Sunday- chest , Tuesday- lower back and leg accessories, Wednesday- upper back and shoulders, Thursday- arms and Saturdays- squats ( my favorite day ).

Bodybuilding Blogger: How do you prepare for competitions?

Jayson McNett: Going into a competition I usually start about 8-10 weeks out depending how I am feeling. That’s when I start to get an idea of what my openers are going to be, how my warm ups should go. Really start to get into my gear. I really start to get the feel for the movements for the gear, the technique involved and get used to the heavy weight. powerlifter deadlift

Bodybuilding Blogger: What’s your nutrition plan like on and off season?

Jayson McNett: My nutrition plan, funny you should ask that, I don’t have one. I like to eat and yes I do watch what I eat sometimes, but hell after a hard day of training, sometimes I just want to come home and eat an ice cream sandwich. Also kinda feels good when you can weigh in while eating an egg mcmuffin. Hahahaha!

Bodybuilding Blogger: That’s funny man. So what’s been your hardest challenge to overcome either in your personal life or powerlifting career?

Jayson McNett: The hardest thing to this point I have had to overcome is to prove to myself and to my doubters that I can put big numbers on the big stages. Very thankful that I have been able to stay injury free to this point, minus the bumps and bruises that come along with this sport.

Bodybuilding Blogger:  You definitely proved that already! What’s it like being sponsored by LG Sciences? What are your favorite LG supplements?

Jayson McNett: Being sponsored by LG SCIENCES is great. It kinda happened out of nowhere. I was able to get sponsored from LG after the Detroit Relentless meet. I had a friend that was sponsored at the time also with LG.

powerlifter squat jayson mcnett He kinda put the word in with LG and with that I just kept posting my training logs and videos on their Facebook page. Then in mid-January they picked me up.

The supplements I used going into my last meet was the epi-andro, the m1d andro and the bc+eaa’s along with a protein power, also epic – a pre workout drink mix.

Bodybuilding Blogger: That’s great, the epi-andro and m1d stack are powerful! What are your future plans?

Jayson McNett: My future plans for this sport are to work my ass off, just go out and have fun doing what a lot of us love to do and that’s heavy lifting and putting it on the platform. And to be considered one of the best SHW lifters. I’m working my way up – just takes time to get there.

Bodybuilding Blogger: If you could give three tips for an aspiring powerlifter, what would it be?

Jayson McNett: Three tips for an aspiring powerlifter, 1st and foremost listen and take all the information in that you can. Like I said earlier, what works for one person might not work for another person.

2nd- Have fun lifting. I know the 1st time you step on the platform that you will be nervous asking yourself why am I here? But remember this you put in the work every single time you walk into the gym. The platform is where you show it off.

3rd- All of us that are powerlifters are a FAMILY. We all have that common goal and it’s to put higher numbers on the platform. So bust your ass and enjoy this awesome sport of powerlifting.

Bodybuilding Blogger: Jayson, thank you so much for sharing your time with us and for being such an inspiring and motivating athlete.

Bodybuilding wants to personally thank our good friend Jayson McNett for this interview. He is a driven, dedicated and determined athlete who has a passion for giving back. You can connect with Jayson on Facebook plus view his pics on our Facebook fan page Bodybuilding Worldwide.

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