Build A Cobra Back With Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows

One of the most important areas on your physique is the back. Not only does having that cobra lat spread look awesome but a strong back is essential for hardcore training. In bodybuilding you are aiming for three things with regards to back seated cable rows development:

First, it’s the thickness of the upper back (traps). Second, it’s the width of your back (lats). Finally, it’s a highly defined middle and lower back (rhomboids, spinal erectors and lower lats).

In this post we’ll look at a back exercise that develops the traps, lats, and the middle back. This exercise has proven its worth to serious bodybuilders for many years and should be a staple exercise in your back training regimen.

It is Seated Cable Rows.

Seated cable rows are a popular compound exercise for the back and can be done using a v-bar handle, straight bar, or with a rope.

It’s important to really concentrate on pulling your back with your lats when doing this exercise. It’s easy to have your biceps dominate the pull so you may want to incorporate straps to help improve your movement.

Another way to really attack the lats when doing this exercise is to hold the peak contraction for 1-2 seconds for each rep.

Your form is key so don’t round your back as you lean forward and definitely don’t hyper-extend as you pull back or you can really cause a serious injury.

Here is IFBB Pro Roelly Winklaar doing a set of seated cable rows:

We all have our favorite exercises for each body part but exercises such as the seated cable row should be a mandatory exercise in our training arsenal.

As you progress through the various stages of training you’ll understand what works best for you and what methods to incorporate with certain exercises.

For example, with seated cable rows change from using a v-bar handle to a straight bar and incorporate various methods such as negative reps or drop sets as a way to shock the muscles.

Variety is the key since our muscles adapt fairly quickly. Stay tuned for more workout tips!

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