How to Break Plateaus With The SST Bodybuilding Training System

Sarcoplasma Stimulating Training (SST)

Having a hard time breaking out of a muscle building plateau?

The good news is you can burst through it when you apply the right training methods. Increasingly used among the European hardcore bodybuilding community, Patrick Tuor’s training method is an innovative concept that helps push through training plateaus and maximize workout effectiveness. sst bodybuilding training system

Developed by veteran IFBB coach and former WABBA world champion Patrick Tuor, this system has recently permitted long time bodybuilder Francisco Corral to take a coveted second spot at the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival in the -100 kg category.

Here’s an in depth explanation of the SST method.

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is defined as an optimization of non-contractile elements and fluids. This hypertrophy results in a muscle mass increase without a strength increase.

Consistently applying the SST method for extended training cycles results in an increase of the connective tissue’s endosomial fibers, a higher glycogen retention – 1 gram of glycogen generates 3 grams of water retention- than traditional workout methods.

Pumps and circulatory blood are enhanced tremendously.

To get a better picture of how exactly an SST workout is done and to witness the incredible pumps a bodybuilder can achieve, take a look at the following video where Patrick Tuor performs an SST biceps set:

The Sarcoplasma stimulating training is a unique method based on Patrick Tuor’s extensive coaching experience. Gathering data from top IFBB athletes, Patrick Tuor has come up with an exclusive recipe that is used by today’s top bodybuilders.

If you want better pumps, more intensity and more muscle mass, no other training method will put more stress on your muscles than this.

Do you think you have what it takes to endure an SST workout?

Undoubtedly, this method is a potent weapon in a bodybuilder’s arsenal to overcome hard to break plateaus and muscle adaptation.

Remember, the key to more size for most trainees is boosting the sarcoplasm, the energy fluid in the muscle fibers. That takes long tension times and/or shorter rests between sets.

What about getting stronger?

Strength indicates that you are primarily building the myofibrils, the FORCE-generating strands in the muscle–not necessarily sarcoplasmic size. And it appears that the myofibrils are secondary when it comes to muscle mass.

Scientists are beginning to believe that the sarcoplasm is the major player in creating ultimate muscle size. So if you’re interested primarily in getting BIGGER, you need to stress that energy fluid more.

This is exactly what SST is all about.

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Authored by Patrick Tuor

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