The Role of Whey Protein Isolate Powder in Achieving Significant Muscle Gains

Whey Protein Isolate Powder


Whey protein is the undisputed king of proteins. It quickly digests into your system and provides essential amino acids that your muscles need for recovery – including three branched chain amino acids. (BCAAs) whey protein isolate powder

Most bodybuilders would agree that supplementing with whey protein is an important element in achieving serious muscle gains.

Whey protein is available in three different forms which are:

  1. Whey concentrate
  2. Whey protein isolate
  3. Hydrolyzed whey protein

The purest and fastest digesting whey protein you can buy is hydrolyzed whey protein isolates. Whey protein is produced during the process that sees milk turned into cheese. It’s also found naturally in dairy products, eggs, soy and vegetable proteins but none of these compares in quality to whey protein isolate powder.

It also scores highly in providing the branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) that are important in the building and retention of muscle.

Whey protein is highly favored by bodybuilders because it provides the necessary building blocks to produce the amino acids that the body uses to build lean muscle tissue.

Many studies have shown that whey protein contains the perfect combination of amino acids, in just the right concentration for optimal performance in the body. It’s also thought that whey protein has a role as an anti-oxidant and immune system builder.

Its best taken in powder form mixed in juice or milk, spread throughout the day to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. Personally I take two scoops of ISO 100 for my morning protein shake as well as after my workouts. It tastes excellent and if you really want to enjoy it use 1 cup of Silk Pure Almond Milk instead of juice.

Serious bodybuilders often consume up to 150+ grams of protein each day but as a rule of thumb, daily protein intake for active bodybuilders can be calculated by taking your weight in pounds and multiplying by 1 or 1.5. But remember, you need to work out how much protein is taken from your food and other sources, and then spread the remaining protein demands using whey protein isolate powder.

Whey protein is a relatively safe supplement but no more than 45 grams of protein should be taken at one sitting as excessive single doses could overload the liver. The safety of whey protein isolate powder has been well documented in many scientific studies and there is clear proof that taken consistently, coupled with intense workouts, will result in serious muscle gains.

To do something positive for your physique, know the best time to take protein and take it consistently to allow your body to maximize its recovery and muscle building capability.

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