Is Your Workout for Summer Getting You Beach body Ready?

Workout for Summer


Summer is here and the time has come to kick back and relax under the sun. It’s time for beach days, barbecues and pool parties, and for bodybuilders these activities also mean one thing: it’s time for the shirts to come off and to showcase that workout for summerrock-solid physique you’ve been working on all year.

No one wants to be walking around with a soft, smooth and flabby body, and for the next month or two, all of those serious lifters will be shifting into “get ripped” mode.

So how exactly do you “define” a muscle?

The only way to “define” a muscle is by lowering your body fat level in order to make your muscles more visible. Body fat reduction can be achieved in two ways:

1) Modify your diet – You should lower your overall caloric intake during your workouts for summer to around 15x your bodyweight and focus on consuming smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Personally I aim for every 2-3 hours. This will keep your metabolism naturally raised at all times and will keep your body in a constant fat burning state.

Limit your intake of saturated fats and simple sugars, and focus instead on consuming lean sources of protein and low glycemic carbohydrates. It is also very important to keep your water intake high at a level of around 0.6 ounces per pound of bodyweight.

A great tool that I use on my iPhone to track my daily calories is a free app developed by MyFitnessPal. It’s simple to use and even allows you to enter your workout routines. For you techies out there you’ll love that it has a bar-code scanner so you can easily find foods you’ve eaten too!

2) Perform proper cardio workouts – You can always use the traditional method of moderate intensity cardio in 30-45 minute durations. But if you want to maximize your body’s fat burning capacity and also minimize the muscle loss that inevitably accompanies a fat burning cycle, focus on shorter cardio workouts performed at a high level of intensity.

This type of workout for summer will shoot your resting metabolism through the roof and will allow you to burn maximum amounts of fat even when you are at rest. I recommend 3-5 high intensity cardio sessions per week, spaced at least 8 hours away from your weight workouts if possible.

One of my favorite tools that I use to track my heart rate and calories burned during my workouts is the Polar FT40 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Black).  When I do high intensity cardio I can easily hit my target heart rate and also track how fast I recover. Personally, I like this model the best because using the chest strap provides a much more accurate reading compared to the stand alone watch monitors.

Your workout for summer training needs to focus on:

1) Training with heavy weights and low repetitions to build maximum muscle mass.

2) Modify your diet and implement high intensity cardio workouts to eliminate body fat and create visibly harder and more defined muscles.

I’ll see you at the beach!

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